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Bogdan is a fast paced brutally hard pogo-stick action Platformer. Help Bogdan take down crime in the streets from the drugged up tracksuit clad Gang of the Night. bounce and blast your way through levels to rid your city of crime once and for all.

NOTE: Mac build is not app store validated and will need to be verified to open through security & privacy settings.

If you would like to help us further with developing the game please take the time to report bugs here: https://tinylink.net/BOGDAN_Bug_Reporter


BOGDAN.rar 64 MB
BOGDAN Mac.rar 78 MB

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One of the best things about it is it's sillyness, don't you dare change that! 

This is such a fun and unique idea for a game. I laughed so much while playing it. Please don't stop developing this, we need more levels!

Thanks for all the laughs!


With a few refinements this is going to be an amazing game. Right now it's pretty damn fun, the premise is awesome and goofy, the music kicks ass and the visuals are cool, for the most part the controls are satisfying and the slow motion adds quite a bit to the weight of the attacks. Problems are the player has too little air control to reliably dodge any projectiles and the attacks sometimes fall victim to wonky collisions. If all that gets worked out I'll definitely be back for more, but right now quite a bit feels chance based. I know this is a demo but it shows a lot of potential, great work so far!